9mobile Nigeria Photography Competition 2017

9mobile Nigeria Photography Competition
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9mobile Nigeria photography competition was developed as a platform to engage and empower photographers using the power of digital media;

  • Online
  • Social
  • Mobile

Every year, an opportunity is created and submissions are received within a specified period.

From the pool of entries received, the images will be approved by internal reviewers based on the entry criteria and passed.

The Judging panel will review a list of top 100 images and then expose them to the public to cast their vote.

The judges will also select the top 3 images from the top 100.

The image with the highest number of votes emerges as the winner for voter’s choice.

The judges come up with the shortlist and winner for the competition.

Winners from the judges and public voting are rewarded with prizes.

Images of the finalists are showcased during a winner’s announcement.


Capturing Solid Memories in 9ja

Photography has become part of our culture when it comes to creating lasting memories.

With the technological advancements, the art of capturing photos keep changing and growing.

A lot of creativity has gone into the art of contemporary photography in Nigeria.

The diverse nature of Nigeria provides many kinds of notable buildings.


Charge the shutter, adjust the lens to unmask the solid memories and reality evidenced in 9ja.

Through this category “Architectural Buildings”, we hope to visualize and unfold the act of photography in capturing;

  • Sights of historical buildings
  • Landmarks
  • Churches
  • Bridges in Nigeria

Architectural Buildings

Explore and capture sights of historical buildings, famous landmarks, bridges, city skylines and old churches.

It is expected you stay creative in your surroundings.


The judging panel is comprised of selected members from the photography community as well as other creative individuals.

The approved images based on the entry criteria will be reviewed by the jury to produce a long list of 100 and shortlist of the top 3 images.

The top 3 finalists will be unveiled and awarded prizes by the jury at a Winner Announcement event.


The judging panel is comprised of selected members from the photography community as well as other creative individuals.

Submissions – August 7th – September 11th 2017

Judges Review – September 13th – September 20th 2017

Voting Opens for Voters Choice (Top 100) – September 22nd – September 29th 2017

Voters Choice Winner Announced – October 2nd 2017

Shortlist – Top 3 – October 3rd 2017

Winner Announcement – October 6th 2017


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