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Google Software Engineering Undergraduate Internship USA 2017

Google Software Engineering Undergraduate Internship
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The purpose of the google software engineering undergraduate internship which is also for masters applicants is to enable students to achieve their dreams of been a computer scientist.

Course Level: Internship for Undergraduate Degree Students and Master Degree Students

Academic Subject: Software Engineering

Internship Provider: Google

Internship Location: United State of America (NY – New York, KL – Kirkland, MV – Mountain View, CA – California, SE – Seattle)

Internship Paid or Free? Paid Internship

Application Deadline: 2nd December 2016

Internship Eligibility

1. An interested student must have been admitted in one of the universities in the USA either for a BSc Degree or Masters Degree in Computer Science.

2. The student must be a full-time degree candidate.

3. It is advised that student must have full knowledge and experience in system software

4. Applicant must have been through with his or her projects focused on data structures and algorithms

5. Candidate must also have knowledge of these operating systems (Unix and Linux, Windows Environment)

6. Desired students should be familiar with TCP/IP and network programming

7. You must have implementation skills such as C++, C, Java and Python

Brief Description

Software Engineers at Google are researchers and developers who yearn to form and implement advanced computer science solutions.

Our engineers develop massively scalable distributed software systems and additionally collaborate on multitudes of smaller projects that have universal charm – which needs analysis, awareness, interactivity, and asking questions.

How to apply for Google Software Engineering Undergraduate Internship

Application for the internship is been carried out online.


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