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USA Grad School Admissions Procedure 2017

USA Grad School Admissions Procedure
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USA grad school admissions procedure is a difficult nut to crack, either you are an international student or a US national, the USA grad school admissions procedure is a difficult process to succeed with. In other to succeed based on your effort you want to put through, you need to go through these basic steps to guide you on the admissions process;

1. Begin your application process very early and don’t forget to check for deadlines.

Evidently, it is known that when applying to graduate schools in USA, it usually takes a lot of time. It doesn’t matter either you have high-grade scores in your study abroad test, tendering of your transcripts and to get your letters of recommendation from your professors, there’s always some obstacle you’ll need to overcome during this application process.

Therefore, you ought to begin your application as early as possible, make sure you properly outline the documents needed from by the admission officers, make sure you note down all important deadlines of application process and including scholarship application deadlines.

Setting up application deadline and scholarship applications deadline as a reminder on your mobile devices will definitely help you in remembering the deadlines of your applications you’ll need attend to.

2. You need to find out about their academic funding

You need to know what the amount of tuition fees cost for each course you are about to apply to.

You need to find out about the amount for funds fixed for living expenses as fixed by the University.

This is very important; You need to find out which of their scholarship program you are qualified for.

Get to know if you would be permitted to get job together with your studies.

Make sure you take an account of individual application fees, it could be between $50USD – $100USD including TOEFL Fee, GRE, GMAT and others.

3. Register for GRE or TOEFL or IELTS

In your research, make sure you get to know which of these (GRE, TOEFL, IELTS) test you need apply to.

When applying for an admission in any of the USA Universities, most institute usually ask interested applicants to send their GRE General Test scores while some of the universities department do ask you for your GRE subject test scores.

Remember that, after you’ve written your preferred test, make sure you give enough time for your test to be marked, scores sent to each school within the deadline.

And as for international applicants, you will be asked to send scores in your test of English language proficiency which is one of the most important document you will be ask to send.

4. Work on your personal statement

Do you know that without a strong and convincing personal statement stating your interest, motivations, qualification and research proposal, your chance of getting the admission into the USA graduate school is 20% or less.

Your personal statement which also your essay should and must include your academic achievements, intentions and why you think you will benefit from this course and how it add more impact in your community.

Take note of typographical errors, tautology and other error that might reduce your chance of being admitted.

Do all these the right way, your chance of being admitted will be 95% – 100% sure.

5. Getting a well known References

A reference is a prominent person who is ready to stand by you as your guardian and speak positively on your behalf about you.

Now that you have noticed that getting a well-known references are very important, your reference could be a professor from your previous academic institution or he or she could be a senior advocate (SA) of your country.

Make sure you schedule an appointment and gradually explain your motivations for attending graduate school, as well as your intended research project. Make sure your references comply with the guidelines set by your chosen grad school; your referees may need to send a formal letter, or complete an online form.

6. How to apply for Student Visa

International candidates must begin his or her student visa application immediately you’ve been offered an admission to study in any of the USA Universities.

Click to apply by completing the student visa online application form and remember to upload your recommended photo then schedule an interview with the united state america embassy or consulate in your country.

There is stipulated visa application fee of about $160USD

Photocopy of your passport

A form I-20 given to you by your admitted university

The confirmation page on your form DS-160

Evidence of your intent to depart from USA once your studies are completed

Evidence of necessary funds in your bank account to fund your studies

Evidence of your educational preparation for the course, like as your TOEFL or GRE or IESLT test scores, transcript and diplomas.

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